How to Add Emoji Emoticons on iPhone, iPad, iPad Air & iPod

In this guide check out how you can add emoji emoticons on Apple iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPod, iPod Touch & other iOS devices.

Quite in for their appealing form Emoji are picture-icon characters you can include in different electronic messages. Just like emoticons you’ll find an eclectic range in icon-characters of Emoji. The iOS 5 has Emoji support integrated into its function but for those who don’t have it the Emoticon or ‘Emoji’ character-keyboard can be added to their iTouch, iPhone or iPad.iOS Emoji

Add ‘em up and enable it on any iOS 4 and above, including the iOS 7.0.2 and get a wonderful and colorfully vast range of characters, smileys, emoticon keys and stuff you can use in iMessage messages, emails or chat apps!iOS Animated icons

Once the new keyboard is added you can switch to it directly on virtual keyboard in mail, chat apps or iMessages.

Steps to Enable Emoji Keyboard

  • Open ‘settings’ app.
  • Look for ‘general’ and click on it.
  • Scroll below and choose ‘keyboard’
  • In the options given now, choose ‘keyboards’
  • Tap on ‘Add new keyboard’
  • Look for and choose ‘Emoji’.

This will install Emoji keyboard on your iOS device. Whenever you are using an iOS application and have access to Emoji keyboard, you have to choose the ‘World’ button that looks like a globe from Keyboards list. This is located next to the microphone button and numbers. Press the button to access and also use a multitude of emoticons. However though you can place them in your messages to anyone, only those having a device running on iOS or OS X will be able to see them as part of the message.

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