Juice Cubes Level 36 – How to Unlock the Map

In this guide check out how you can unlock the Juice Cubes Level 36 by unlocking the 3 different maps and play the next levels.

The Juice Cubes game by Rovio, Angry Birds developer is famous all around for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod & other handheld devices. We have already gone through guide on how to get unlimited Gold bars via the Juice Cubes Modded APK available for Android devices.Juice Cubes Level 36

Unlock Juice Cubes Level 36

Until the level 35, clearing the Juice Cubes levels were easy but to play the level 36, you need three maps to explorer new island. Clearly when you reach level 36 the following you will get on your device. It some what reads like “Explorer Map- Ask 3 friends for map pieces to unlock the nex island or see if your search will reveal one.”

You can unlock Juice Cube level 36 by following methods –

Buy Gold Bars

You need atleast 8 Gold bars to be invested to quickly unlock the maps. 15 Gold Bars are priced at $1.99, 50 of them are at $4.99 and 1200 of them you get it for $100. Yes, I am talking about real money here.

Connect to Facebook

You can unlock the level 36 of Juice cubes by connecting your Facebook account with Juice Cubes and ask three friends to unlock the maps.

Hit Search & Wait

One of the easiest methods to unlock the level 36 is to hit “Search button” there on the screen and wait for atleast 8 hours to unlock one map. After 8 hours you will have to again hit Search to find the second map and repeat the process for third map as well.

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