How to Reset iPhone 5S to Factory Settings – Master Reset

In this guide check out how to reset iPhone 5S to factory settings using the master reset option.

The beauty and technology has always been like the beauty and beast, opposite to each other. But for the first time, apple grew up as a company that combined beauty with technology and made technical things more elegant looking. Be it the iphone, ipad, itab or several others, what has been the most prominent feature of all these products is that not only they are very technical, but they are beautiful, elegant to watch, easy to handle and ready to play.Reset iPhone 5S

The recent most addition to the list is the Apple iPhone 5S. However, as is the bad habit of our playful hands, often we end up creating complications in this beautiful device, and simplest way out of that trouble is to restore or reset it back to the factory settings. But sometimes even that turns out to be a complicated task. But then reset also deletes all the data, media and other settings that you have set throughout the time you are enjoying the device. So better keep a back up and use restore only when the situation is crucial enough.

  1. From the home screen you can go to Settings.iPhone 5S Settings
  2. Then scroll up the General tab under Settings.iPhone 5s Reset
  3. Now Click on RESET.iPhone 5s Reset
  4. Then choose Erase All contents and Settings.iPhone 5 Erase Data
  5. Followed by tapping Erase iPhone.iPhone 5 Erase Data Password
  6. If the device asks for security password then enter and then click Erase.iPhone 5 Erase Confirm
  7. Your device is back to its initial form and it will be rebooted automatically.iPhone 5 Reboot

That complete the erasing of data on your iPhone 5S.

Note: This guide works for Apple iPhone 5S model, doesn’t need specific guide for Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers, Bell or any other carrier lock variant.

Therefore, for what else you are awaiting, just enjoy with your favorite iPhone device today. Your device will be even faster now.

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